5 Web Design Trends

There are tons of effective ways to grab the attention of users online. In this article, we take a look at some of the most exciting web design trends that you absolutely should not ignore in this and the coming year. 

1. 3D Digital Illustrations 

Where previously hand-drawn, flat illustrations were popular among web designers, now 3-dimensional digital illustrations are the new trend in visual design. They add a lot more realism than the hand-made designs and blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds to create stunning visuals that attract eyeballs.

2. Hero Video Headers

A foundational principle of great product design is to ‘show, not tell’. Images play an important role when it comes to visual design because they help designers deliver the core idea quickly. But thankfully, the days of static imagery are long gone and now web designers have the option of using videos in immersive movie-style experiences to connect with audiences. 

3. Geometric Patterns

Web designers can create an endless selection of beautiful ornaments using geometric patterns and shapes. Whether selling physical or digital products, you can make use of this technique to achieve stunning visuals on your site, including unique backgrounds that scale well and look great on both large and small displays. 

4. Split Screens

This exciting design trend is perfect for those with eCommerce websites that offer products for both men and women. A split screen divides the screen into two parts and each side is used to deliver a specific message. This technique works particularly well when you have two distinct messages to share.

5. Overlapping Design Elements

Having overlapping items on your page is a great way of bringing visual interest to some types of content within that page. It creates a unique element of something unexpected because people are accustomed to having each element on the page with its own designated space separate from all other elements around it.